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Silent Thunder:  The Story of Soyu Matsuoka

Release: 2016
In October of 2015, we will be traveling with a group of American Zen priests to Japan on a pilgrimage to capture the early life of their master: a man named Soyu Matsuoka. Born in Japan near the turn of the 20th century, Soyu Matsuoka was a pioneer in the American Zen Buddhism movement. Many things taken for granted nowadays when people practice Zen were first introduced by Soyu Matsuoka, and “Silent Thunder” aims to highlight this in the form of a complete biography of his life. 
Director: Chase Breedlove & Trevor Bartlett
Promo Video
Silent Thunder

Code Name:  "Hot Sauce"

Psychological Action Comedy
Release: TBA
A web-miniseries containing 9 episodes that will be as shocking as the title, which is why it isn't revealed. The story is so insaine that we are certain that you have never seen anything like this before. "Code Name: Hot Sauce" will be released online along with a spin-off series. Shooting will begin early 2016. 
Director: Chase Breedlove
Hot Sauce

The MAXX - Original Fan Film

Psychological Action Comedy
Release: TBA
An original take on the Easter egg-packed graphic novels by Sam Keith. More real world based, our version of The MAXX will encompass all of the graphic novels crammed into one feature film. To do this, we have had to rewrite the events in the story and boy do we have some sweet scenes to show you. A short film along with a campaign to raise funds for the project will begin before the feature is in production.
Director: Chase Breedlove
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