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Black Roses

Premiere Screening Of "Black Roses"

July 22, 2015

On Wednesday, July 22 and 7:00pm EST, we will be presenting the long-awaited premiere screening of our debut feature film, “BLACK ROSES”, at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, GA.


Words can't express the tumultuous production hazards of “Black Roses” over the course of the last nine years. Taking over a year to produce on nights and weekends conducive to the hectic schedules of our day-jobs, and being on a budget in the mere hundreds of dollars, “Black Roses” was once thought to be lost on a corrupted hard-drive after many arduous hours of editing. After being recovered, the world of independent film had already undergone a major revolution with the availability of highdefinition. And with “Black Roses” being shot on standard-def digital video, the film had not aged well.


Despite this, as well as the learning curve we experienced with this being our first film, “Black Roses” remains a compelling piece of cinema. We are still very proud of this incredible film, even though our current technological and creative abilities far surpass it.


We hope to see you there on July 22! Tickets are free, and we will have DVDs and merchandise on sale at bargain prices! 

"Silent Thunder" Indiegogo Launch

June 04, 2015

The crowd-sourcing campaign for our documentary film, “SILENT THUNDER”, has officially launched, and we couldn't be more amped up about it!


Some friends of ours at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center are taking a trip to Japan this fall to research some biographical details about their founder and teacher, Soyu Matsuoka (1912-1997), who was a highly respected and influential figure on American Zen in the 20th century. They'll be visiting his birthplace, the University he attended, the monastery he served in, as well as some important historical Japanese landmarks, such as Downtown Tokyo, Mount Fuji, the bombing site at Hiroshima, and the legendary Eiheiji Temple.


This film has the potential to be a really special historical piece, and may be the only chance the Atlanta Soto Zen Center gets to make a biographical movie about their great teacher. We can't do it without your support, so we encourage you to check out our campaign, and spread the word!

New Feature Film In The Works!

January 11, 2015

Hey, everyone!


After several years of creating shorts, music videos, and commercials, we are finally getting back in the game of feature film production with a long-awaited followup to “Black Roses” under the working-title of “CODENAME: HOT SAUCE”!


We can't give too many surprises away, but the script of our next feature is complete, and we will be holding open casting calls soon. The film is very much in the vein of what our vision at PsychoLogic is all about, so expect plenty of twists, turns, violence, drama, and laugh-out-loud comedy!


We'll be posting updates on the site as soon as we have more news!

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Silent Thunder
Code Name: Hot Sauce
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