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Black Roses

2006             1h 22m
A mentally disturbed man named Carl, crippled by alcoholism and nightmarish hallucinations, tries to rekindle a lost love affair amidst being pursued relentlessly by a fortune-telling drag queen, a zoot-suit clad macho man, and a plastic-faced sorcerer named Pinocchio.
Staring:  Trevor Bartlett, Katie Hughey, Jimmylee Smith, Kenneth Zirkman, Demen, Jason Vonstein
Genres: Psycological Dark Comedy
Writer/Director: Chase Breedlove
Black Roses

Let Me Fly

2013             3m 52s
A police officer with anger issues takes things a bit too far when protecting his teenage daughter from the temptations of the world. But he is forced to rethink some of his decisions when investigating a murder case involving an elderly couple suffering domestic abuse. A touching and tragic story, narrated through a powerful rock anthem from the Atlanta-based band, Liquid.
Staring:  Eric Arvidson, Diane Dicker, Willy Andralliski, Elizabeth Ludlow
Genres: Music Video Drama
Writer/Director: Chase Breedlove & Trevor Bartlett
Behind The Scenes
Let Me Fly


2014             3m
Unravel the mysteries of the universe with internationally renowned, neo-Gaietic shamanic priest, and respected activist in the world of ethnic equality, Clement Simmons: a man on a mission to enlighten the minds of modern man using a unique form of spoken-word prophecy. Short and concise, this film contains some of the most brilliant and thought-provoking prose ever captured on any medium. Toss out all your deities and scriptures. You won't need them anymore after experiencing what Clement Simmons has to offer you! 
Staring:  Chase Breedlove
Genres: Mockumentary
Writer/Director: Chase Breedlove & Trevor Bartlett

Living Wealthy Always

2013             35m 12s
We all need to have wealth, and I believe living wealthy is a mindset. It's not about how much money you have in your bank account. Wealth consists of happiness and health, which includes money, family, love, spirituality etc. We at Living Wealthy Always will bring you the good news of what others are doing to live wealthy always. You can have wealth regardless of your financial income. Join us on the show. We look forward to having you.
Host:  Juneanne Lewis
Genres: Motivational Reality Show
Writer/Director: Trevor Bartlett & Juneanne Lewis

Legend of Leroy

2014             1m 59s
No one ever said maintaining good hygiene in an underground prison inhabited by mutants would be easy. But for one murphladoid, cleanliness is going to cost him the one thing he holds most dear in this cruel world: his asshole.
Starring:  Chase Breedlove, Trevor Bartlett
Genres: Dark Comedy Stop-motion
Writer/Director: Chase Breedlove & Trevor Bartlett
Living Wealty Always
Legend of Leroy
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